Jain Pathshala


Learn Jain Pratikamaan Sutra now can be anywhere and anytime.

- Voice narration for each shlok enables you to learn how to pronounce perfectly.
- Each shlok is highlighted word by word so that it is easy to follow along in karaoke style.
- Download sutra gatha to local so you can listen/learn sutra in offline mode without active internet connection.
- Play, Pause, Repeat or Auto Repeat each sutra.
- Multilanguage (Hindi, English, and Gujarati)
- Learn/Understand meaning of each sutra in detail.

Listen, Learn, Enjoy, and Share the benefit from this app.
We have tried our level best to make the interface user friendly and easier to read, all your comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

For Suggestion and improvement please contact arihantsolutions@outlook.com.

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